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Is it permissible for a woman who is in

Written By: irfny on November 30, 2011 29 Comments

In Libya, when a husband dies, the place of receiving people who want to offer consolation will be the husband’s father house (called ‘family house’). Anyone wants to offer consolation, he should come to the family house. Now in our case, the wife of the late husband lives, with her children, in a far district which is more than one hundred kilometer away from the place where her family and her husband’s family live. Where should this wife spend the first days of Iddah (woman’s prescribed waiting period after divorce of death of husband)? Should she stay at her far house or at her husband’s family house (where consoling place) then completes Iddah at her home? Knowing that the late husband had to live in that far district due to work requirements.
This problem faces us often in the Libyan community, so please explain your answer in detail.

Praise be to Allaah.

The woman who is in


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