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IRFNY Events

Happy to announce “Courage under Fire”
Organized By
Ammaar Saeed – IRFNY.com
Yusuf Estes – GuideUS.TV

First Time in New York —
30 days dawah straight —
Ramadan 2014 —

Everyday different location will announce later,

Guide Us Tv will be giving out T-shirts

Dawah starts depending on the day of ramadhan starts.
Off on rainy day
There will be attendance sheet for volunteers.
After ramadhan there will be event to announce rewards and completion certificate will be issued to first place and 2nd and third and rest will be something.
Meeting will be held 1 week before ramadhan for preparation.

Time: 2pm-6pm

Anyone can spare 1 2 3 4 any hours they can give everyday

Share and spread the word.


With ONLY help of Allah.

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