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Her husband told her that she should not take off her gold bangles as long as she lived, and he died before her. Should she carry out his wishes?

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There is a woman who is seventy-six years old. She wears gold bangles on her wrists that were given to her by her husband, who told her that she should never take them off as long as she lives, and that if she died these bangles would be cut off.
Now he has died, so what should she do? As is well known, the woman whose husband dies should not wear gold or perfume, etc for four months. So what should she do?.

Praise be to Allaah.

In the answer to questions no. 10670 and 13966 we explained that the woman whose husband dies has to avoid certain things: going out of the house during the day except when there is a need, and at night unless it is absolutely necessary; wearing beautiful clothes; adorning herself with jewellery and other things; and wearing perfume except when she becomes pure from menses or postpartum bleeding (nifaas), in which case she may use only a little.

The woman who is observing

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