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Her husband divorced her by talaaq and she married another man during the

Written By: irfny on November 30, 2011 24 Comments

I am a reverted sister living alone at the moment. I left my country to marry a man in another country. After a short time, my family started to make major problems for me, that could have caused bad problems for my husband or myself, so I left without his permission, and went back to my country. I was certain I could never go back to my husband, but I was in love with him, and missed him a lot. I decided to try to make things work for everyone. I started to talk again to my husband, and told him I wanted to return. He agreed. Problem after problem kept coming up though, and my return was always delayed for reasons beyond my control. During this time, my husband became impatient and divorced me twice. He stopped supporting me also after some time, and wouldnt allow me to find work in my country, so I was left at the mercy of whatever I could get from others to live on. My family was putting a lot of pressure on me, since they even didnt like to support me, as it isnt in our culture for the kids to stay home for long after finishing school. I was alone, and had no way to support myself. Even though I knew I was in love with my husband, I was forced to marry someone else, at least LEGALLY in my country, so I could be taken care of. I regret this action, since the man and I werent together, and we did not love each other. But I was afraid to fall into haraam, and fell into it anyways by doing this horrendous act. I am trying to fix it now, by legal divorce. However, I do not know what to do, in order for everyone to have their rights. My imaan has fallen away lately, and I am afraid of losing my Islam. I know in Islam there is severe punishment for such an act as what I did, and I need to know does that apply for my situation. I was very new to Islam when all this happened. I am also unsure if I should tell anyone what I actually did, since I was told we conceal our sins in Islam. Please help me, as I am losing my mind more every day.

Praise be to Allaah.

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