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Acts of Worship

Written By: irfny on March 17, 2012 No Comment

What if prayer is not relaxing my mind and removing my worries? what is the reason? what should i do   Assalaam O Alaikum, Prasie Be To Allah If you follow the instructions Allah will guide you Inshallah. Shetan always put laziness, delaying, putting things in heart that namaz is not giving you sukkoon and […]

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When I visited my doctor and she examined me, she said that the foetus had no heartbeat and that I should abort it because it had died at the age of two and half months. What is the ruling on taking some herbal medicines to abort the foetus? Is there any sin on me if […]

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Iam a 24 year male..iam having severe hair loss problem and i can see the back part of my head clearly as bald..i want to go for a hair replacement in which the doctor fixes human natural hair on my scalp without any surgery.. now i would like to know weather i would be able […]

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What is the ruling on one who swears an oath when reconciling between two parties, then breaks the oath?. Praise be to Allaah.This question is rather ambiguous but may be discussed as follows. If he said,

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If a break two vows which are both subjected to the same thing – but with different word order. Do I have to offer one expectation or two? For example, I vowed two stay up all night unless, I felt tired, and I vowed to stay up all night unless I felt thirsty? On both […]

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