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Waiting Period Of Widow Or Divorcee

Written By: irfny on November 30, 2011 No Comment

My friend has been divorced with a revocable talaaq, and she is currently in her family

Written By: irfny on November 30, 2011 No Comment

I request you to please let me know the sharia ruling with regard to my situation. Couple of days back I came across some fatwas / figh explanation from an Islamic forum regarding divorce which made me anxious with regard to my current married life. As a consequence of this, I decided to write to […]

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Written By: irfny on November 30, 2011 29 Comments

In Libya, when a husband dies, the place of receiving people who want to offer consolation will be the husband’s father house (called ‘family house’). Anyone wants to offer consolation, he should come to the family house. Now in our case, the wife of the late husband lives, with her children, in a far district […]

Written By: irfny on November 30, 2011 28 Comments

There is a woman who is seventy-six years old. She wears gold bangles on her wrists that were given to her by her husband, who told her that she should never take them off as long as she lives, and that if she died these bangles would be cut off. Now he has died, so […]

Written By: irfny on November 30, 2011 24 Comments

I am a reverted sister living alone at the moment. I left my country to marry a man in another country. After a short time, my family started to make major problems for me, that could have caused bad problems for my husband or myself, so I left without his permission, and went back to […]

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