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Things Which Annul Marriage

Written By: irfny on November 30, 2011 26 Comments

Asalama calaykum warahmatullah I am marreid to a man who is TARIKU salaat I mean he neglects the salaat. when I marreid him i was like him, Alhamdulillah ALLAH has guided me, now I am a practising muslimah. but the problem is him, every salaat he is preying is like I am forcing him, I […]

Written By: irfny on November 30, 2011 28 Comments

I am engaged with a girl recently. My family was not happy with this engagement initially because both families are not of the same cast (Cast system is dominant here in Sub-continent).Now the things are normal. But the problem is that my parents lived in a village and I lived in another city for seek […]

Written By: irfny on November 30, 2011 28 Comments

There is a woman who is 27 years old and has received a proposal of marriage from a man, but her family objected because of the difference in education between them only, but the woman agreed to the marriage. The man and woman tried to convince the family to agree, and the man strove hard […]

Written By: irfny on November 30, 2011 27 Comments

I am a rational Muslim. I told a Christian girl that I would never be able to marry her because of the difference of religion between us. She agreed to enter Islam and I married her believing that she was a Muslim. We have now been married for three years, but it seems that she […]

Written By: irfny on November 30, 2011 No Comment

If a person apostatises from Islam — Allah forbid — and then comes back to Islam before the end of the

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