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Islamic Research Foundation New York IRFNY is a non-profit organization based in New York established in 2010, founded by Abu Ammaar Saeed Ahmed, with an overall objective of educating the general public about Islam and clarifying the many misconceptions about Islam.

The website has many chapters and areas of interest that can be utilized according to one’s interest. The site has educational materials, video and audio lectures and debates, free materials to download, Islamic publications, pamphlets, daw‘ah (calling to Islam) material, online Islamic courses and books, Islamic questions and answers and fatawa (Islamic rulings). Since 2010, IRFNY has helped thousands of Muslims by providing a live 24/7 Q&A service to help with any questions or concerns related to Islam or family matters.

With the help of volunteers, IRFNY currently places daw‘ah stalls around New York City and distributes free Islamic materials, like the Qur’an, Islamic books, pamphlets, booklets, as well as materials about Christianity and other religions.

IRFNY is currently working on many projects involving daw‘ah, peace relief, family counseling and online Islamic education. The founder, Ammaar Saeed, has successfully completed training with the New York State Family Court Laws and is currently a certified social worker and family counselor, helping Muslims and non-Muslims with drug addictions, domestic violence, raising children, as well as family and individual counseling, including spiritual and religious matters.

The peace relief project provides food, clothing and help to the homeless and needy and provides free spiritual education and religious education to anyone – regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, color or language.

The mission of the family counseling services is to make sure families are living happily and to protect, strengthen and build peaceful environments for families. This project offers spousal relationship counseling, parental counseling, parental skills, anger management, help with the upbringing of children, domestic violence and intervention, as well as individual counseling.

IRFNY is updated regularly and new material is constantly being placed on the website for the benefit of the public.