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About Ammaar Saeed

Sheikh Ammaar Saeed Founder and President of IRFNY Islamic Research Foundation New York

Ammaar Saeed is a student of Islam and Comparative Religion. He started his mission to spread the true message of Allah in 2007, after listening to lectures and debates from international orators on comparative religions. These lectures and debates kindled him to learn and gain more knowledge about Islam, starting from its basic tenets. He began his journey by learning Arabic, in order to understand the pure divine language of the Quran.

As his journey for knowledge progressed, he had the opportunity to deliver several public lectures and group discussions on the doctrines of tawheed (Allah’s Oneness) and bid’ah (innovation). His mission is to bring back Muslims back to the Quran and Sunnah and to stop people from blindly following sects with deviant teachings, un-Islamic customs and rituals as well as those who have not studied Islam according to Quran and Sunnah and are blindly following their parents, teachers, imams, leaders and scholars and believing without self-researching from Quran and Sahih Hadith to verify the authenticity and frequently ask his followers to remove the label and go back to the teachings of Quran and Sunnah and stop following their leaders or scholars.

He also dedicated himself towards studying the Bible. He learned the techniques and useful sources from other Islamic scholars’ interfaith dialogues that helped in learn to do daw’ah (calling to Islam). He started having debates on the streets of New York with Christians on topics like “Is Jesus God or the Son Of God,” “Is the Bible the Word of God,” “Was Jesus crucified” and “the Trinity.”

He has visited several countries and travelled through most of America, in order to advance his projects involving daw’ah (calling to Islam), peace relief, family counseling and educating new converts. He has successfully completed training with the New York State Family Court Laws and is currently a certified family counselor, helping Muslims and non-Muslims with drug addictions, domestic violence, raising children, as well as family and individual counseling, including spiritual and religious matters.

He has also authored several Islamic and non-Islamic books, are available online and is currently working on future additions related to Islamic knowledge and issues in Islam and non-Islamic books. Some of the books that he has written includes, The Prophet’s Manners and the Da‘wah of Today, Purpose of Life in the Light of Surah Mulk, The Biography of the Prophet and Islamic Knowledge and the Importance of Tawheed etc. He continuously publishes new books every week, in hopes of benefiting his readers to gain knowledge in Islam.

He has successfully completed reading Tafseer Ibn Katheer and several Hadith books, including Saheeh Bukhari, Saheeh Muslim, as well as several other related texts. His study includes the fiqh books on Islamic Jurisprudence according to four Sunnah schools of Islam and several materials on modern issues in Islam.

He officially joined the team of Guide US TV by Yusuf Estes in 2014 and managing several projects from New York. He has traveled around to several events and broadcasted on Guide US TV LIVE shows.

He has also launched the website IRFNY.com in 2010 to help the Muslims and non-Muslims to remove misconceptions about Islam. The website has many chapters and areas of interest that can be utilized according to one’s interest. The site has educational materials, video and audio lectures and debates, free materials to download, Islamic publications, pamphlets, daw‘ah material, online Islamic courses and books, Islamic questions and answers and fatawa (Islamic rulings). Since 2010, IRFNY has helped thousands of Muslims as well as non-Muslims by providing a live 24/7 Q&A service to help with any questions or concerns related to Islam or family matters.

With the help of volunteers, Sheikh Ammaar Saeed currently places daw‘ah stalls around New York City and distributes free Islamic materials, like the Quran, Islamic books, pamphlets, booklets, as well as materials about Christianity and other religions.

In 2016, he launched AHAD TV Islamic Channel, Across the America and International, promoting pure teaching of Islam.

AHAD TV Islamic Channel is the One and Only best entertainment 24 hours Islamic TV Channel across the America and the world catering millions of Muslims with multi variety Islamic programs in multi languages. AHAD TV provides Education, Entertainment, Street Shows, Talk Shows, Live Events, Documentaries, Children and Women programs. AHAD TV is a chapter of Islamic Research Foundation New York.

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Mar 20, 2016